Sunday, 4 May 2014

So this sweet Bacchus BLS-59 sold ages ago to a dude on ebay and long story short the neck mysteriously broke off all on its own so I had him send it back and I am in the process of refinishing it and repairing the neck.
Neck was done with hot hide glue and is so secure now I can hold the entire guitar's weight by the headstock with no movement.
Excuse the shitty cell phone pics.

It was stripped of the poly cocoon (which SUCKS doing BTW) this weekend and the backside has had a few coats of tung oil applied.

While that settles and dries off I masked the sides and got started on the top.

Getting this all done in order to be passed onto a cool Canadian cat on the forums. = )
It is both a blast and I am stoked to hear his final opinion.