Sunday, 19 May 2013

4 coats of tung oil, dried for a week or until the oil's smell has weakened, & 3 coats of lacquer.
Shaped and set the nut, dressed the frets (some were a tad sharp) wired it 50's style and added the tail, tuners, and bits and pieces.

I am now wondering if this model was one of those early 80's Navigator/ESP build your own kits that some guy just didn't finish but it did have a sanding sealer on it followed by what seems to be the original TV Yellow and later a bright green WTF?

Need to make a pickguard for it, get a proper 1 ply jack plate (or make one), and get a proper old school bridge as these compensated tails do not work well on the old sharp angled bridge holes.
Strings and pole pieces do not line up but still sound amazing through the 1960's Gibson P90

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